Ripple Vs SEC: Attorney Deaton Reveals Summary Ruling Process

• Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit is coming to an end, and everyone is eagerly waiting for Judge Analisa Torres’s decision on the Summary Judgment.
• Attorney John Deaton shared that the Judge will make the ruling available to the public in the court’s official records.
• The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York is taking measures to ensure that no one has access to any preliminary information about the ruling’s content before it is officially filed and made public.

Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit: Summary Judgment

The Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit is coming to an end, and everyone is eagerly awaiting Judge Analisa Torres‘ decision on the summary judgment. This case will be significant as it will help establish clearer regulations for the crypto industry. Recently, Attorney John Deaton, who supports XRP, shared some information about how the judge will issue her decision publicly.

Judge Torres To Release Summary Judgment Decision Publicly

Attorney Deaton has stated that Judge Torres will not keep her summary judgment decision exclusive to SEC and Ripple; instead, she will make it available in court’s official records so that it can be accessed by general public. He emphasized that just like other rulings in this case (such as Daubert/expert motion), we may get filings in public docket regarding summary judgment too.

Ensuring Transparency And Confidentiality In Summary Judgment

Deaton also mentioned a possibility wherein parties involved in this case might receive ruling through emails a few minutes before its release for public knowledge; this has been done so as to prevent insider trading using sensitive rulings like summary judgment of this case from happening. Therefore, US District Court for Southern District Of New York (which handles many financial-related cases) is taking all measures necessary to ensure confidentiality of its verdicts.

Potential Impact Of Ruling On Crypto Industry

This historic case between Ripple and SEC could have far-reaching implications not only on cryptocurrency industry but also on capital markets more broadly; if value of XRP token increases after judge’s verdict then investors may expect similar outcomes for other tokens too which are currently facing similar legal issues with regulators or are targeted by them due to uncertain regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrencies at present time worldwide .


This lawsuit between Ripple and SEC may set precedent which could affect future of cryptocurrency industry depending upon outcome; until then we wait with bated breath for judge’s final judgment which should be released soon publicly without giving anyone privileged information beforehand..